Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rule #4 - Stay In Your Comfort Zone, Don't Take Risks!

If you're going out and doing new, fun and interesting things, going to new interesting people, how in the world do you expect to stay single?

Going to the same bars, hanging out with the same people, sticking to the same routine is a sure way to stay single! This is why we have come to Rule #4: Stay In Your Comfort Zone, Don't Take Risks!

This is where you're comfortable, it's where you shine (among people who already know you). You should not wander out of these familiar places and enviroments. Predictablility is key!

If you try out a new restaraunt or go hang out in a new city or take up a new hobby, you will be surrounded by new people. This is defintely not the way to stay sinlge. Meeting new people and venturing out opens way too many doors. We want those doors to stay selaed shut!

You have to stay where it's comfortable, stay where it's familiar. As long as you are constantly going to the same places, you will familiarize yourself with the same people and they will no longer hold any weight as potential relationships, as well as you for them.

Nothing is less attractive than a person with no ambition who is entirely predictable! Most people want to date people who will bring excitment and adventure to their lives and start new chapter, not to read the same chapters over and over again.

So stay where you are, keep doing what you're doing, and don't change a thing!

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