Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rule #1 - Hermitize Yourself

No, "hermitize" is not a real word.

The best way to stay single is to stay in! Don't go out where you can expose yourself to people and possibly meet someone you could be interested in.

If you hole up in your home you have zero chance of being asked out. Unless you order take-out, then you could fall in love with the delivery person, so try to limit that as well.

You're allowed to go to work and the store to get food. But specifically social scenes are a no-no, that's just opening yourself up for too many possibilities. Going out, having fun, and being social are all fast ways to get noticed and seen by the opposite sex.

Make sure you keep your shades drawn, let as little light in as possible, that way when you do go out, you'll be pale enough to not really attract any unwanted attention.

If you are really dedicated to this idea, you may consider buying land in a wooded area and building a one-room log cabin.

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